May-June 2017 Newsletter
Malawi & Japan- Connected by Charity
Malawi & Japan
Feeding Children at School was crucial to Japan and is crucial for Malawi


Seibo Activity May-June
Thank you- 90 children with your help are now  attending nursery- and getting a meal!


With Enough Coffee, Anything is Possible
Help us put Malawi on the map for the right reasons
Mass Starvation on a Gigantic Scale
"We were confronted with mass starvation on a gigantic scale. If order was to be preserved and wholesale death prevented, there was only one course of action possible"

In 1946 Herbert Hoover spoke these words following a visit to Japan.  The reaction to these words resulted in national school feeding being implemented across Japan.

Subsequently n 1964 Senator George McGovern  was able to say;  "Japanese school children have been forced to install larger desks because the children of this generation are larger than their mothers and fathers".

The impact of a school meal is huge. It can change the trajectory of a country. It can change a life. By supporting Seibo you can help provide a better future for all.

School feeding carries many benefits- education, nutrition and health, gender equality, food security, poverty alleviation- in one single meal. 

The world has been changed before by ensuring every hungry child in the world gets a hot meal at school- in Japan. Now is Malawi's time of need. Let's not wait for the above headline.


Seibo Activity Report: May-June 2017
The latest report from Malawi show once again how by combining our efforts we can achieve more- we now support 1,804 nursery children and 12,690 primary school children.

In addition with your help we have provided 90 children with sponsored places in nursery. Think about those numbers.

Over 14,000 children receiving a meal at school enabling them to ensure school days are truly the best days of their lives.  In addition 90 children are now attending nursery who without your support would not have got the chance. Perhaps having this opportunity they will now go on to attend primary school and having been given this small chance go on to further great things in the future.

Imagine you could actively support this change in other children. You can. We must.
There are more needy & vulnerable children on our waiting list and your support can make the difference.
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With Enough Coffee, Anything is Possible
Seibo now provides Fair Trade Coffee from Malawi with the aim of inspiring a culture of giving. By supporting local coffee growers we support the growth of Malawi’s economy. By using the donations received for coffee we also support school feeding. It’s a win-win for Malawi. To sign-up for your coffee delivery get in contact and we will send you the sign-up form & details.


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